Friday, February 27, 2009

Yes, it snowed here yesterday

This is whining, but I didn't come to Japan to watch snow fall on palm trees, but the cold rain did indeed turn into snow for and hour or two yesterday afternoon. I'm told this is the first snow of the season. It is green in a few places here, and the sun is trying to come out this morning.
I'm having a great time at the workshop, and I'm writing, but that doesn't make for exciting blogging.
Otherwise, Judy and Mariko, who where both here for the workshop in '07, took me for a traditional Japanese lunch yesterday, and were able to help me order "safe" food.
Today, we see two more Noh plays, and then I need to spend the evening writing.
I still haven't worked out my camera problem, but perhaps I can find some time this weekend to get that resolved.

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